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Servers Upgrade

Newer Server Platform, Better Server Platform, and Faster Server Platform

Microsoft Windows Servers are the backbone for most organizations today. Many of these Microsoft Windows Server products are reaching "End of Life". It means that they are no longer being supported by Microsoft. Furthermore, critical security patches and updates are no longer being released. At Vootwerk, we provide organizations with a smooth transition to the latest Microsoft products to give you peace of mind with a secure and reliable server. Whether your organization is running Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2012 or Small Business Server 2011, we will help you to successfully migrate your current environment to Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2016 Essentials families.
Server Upgrade

Technology advancements are made every year to improve system performance and increase computing power, advance stability and internal redundancy, as well as improve overall return on your investment. Our company can help you leveraging technological advancements to standardize your organization’s disparate operating systems or moving from one platform to another. We will provide proper installation, configuration and upkeep of the correct servers assures that your organization benefits from high reliability, lower total cost of ownership, and increased productivity.

Selecting the right server hardware that suits your organization requirements is a vital task. Every Server has its own unique usage and it could be configured to meet your organization specific requirement. However most of organizations select with wrong server specification, which may be low in capacity or sometimes in high-end server for a small business which costs lot of money in managing the servers. As a Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft Partner, we truly understand hardware requirements associated with a Microsoft Windows Server technology. It is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of your existing servers infrastructure based on your organization requirements. We will assist you to determine the appropriate configurations of your current and future needs for efficient server upgrades.

Many of our business customers have realized considerable cost savings as well as other benefits as a result of server upgrades including:
  • Increased utilization of new technology advancement
  • Reduced hardware maintenance costs
  • Enhanced flexibility stable new server
  • Improve speed and overall performance

Leverage the Value of New Server Insfrastructure

We can provide on-site or off-site, on-shore or off-shore server upgrade service. We have a dedicated server engineer to ensure the appropriate upgrade project is done professionally and to the highest standards.We will help your organization to get the most value of your Microsoft Windows Server environment and ensuring it for performance, reliability and scalability.

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