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Infrastructure Audit

Information System Audit

A technology audit of systems within your organizations is vital as business grows to the overall ability in handling current and future capacity. Whether your hardware is reaching end of its usable life or you want to implement the benefits of newer technologies, scalability, server consolidation or a network upgrade, we can assist you to enhance or rebuild an IT system suited to your organization’s specific needs. Our IT audit service provides a total IT assessment and consultation for regulatory compliance directives.
Infrastructure Audit

Our IT audit is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of the current state of your organization’s technology. We will provide you with unbiased assessment of your existing infrastructure, which allow you to make informed decisions of any changes that should be made. The objective of Vootwerk’s IT audit service is to provide your organization with critical information about your IT environment. It can open the path to significant improvements in the way your business technology is structured. Our engineer will prepare a reliable, expert recommendation that will outline the following: 

  • Full understanding of the existing network configuration and documentation of your infrastructure, so that we can manage your technology both remotely and onsite
  • Effective utilization of existing network components and the state of your organization's technology
  • The state of each hardware component and software application deployed, in addition to understanding what new technologies could be implented
  • Asset tagging and organize in phases to create a technology roadmap
  • Prioritization for modifications and replacements based on current compliance
  • Optimize budget amounts for each recommendation to replace older technologies

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