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Data Center Relocation

Our relocation service is designed to help minimize disruption to your organization and ensure a smooth transition during migration. We undertake projects that range in size from relocating a server room to a data center or simply moving a single server to another rack or cabinet. At Vootwerk, we use a specific methodology when we are entrusted with moving servers or performing a data center migration.

DC Relocation

IT Migration Key Features

The process of decommissioning and re-commissioning in addition with the business critical nature of such a project, we undertake a full scoping assessment prior to relocation. Our method combine strong execution capabilities with deep industry insights to deliver fast migration results, with less risk and minimal impact to business operations.

A successful data center or server room relocation project requires comprehensive planning and preparation well outside the scope of normal everyday IT operations. Our data center relocation service can help your organization successfully complete the migration.