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Data Center Infrastructure Management

Knowledge and Commitment

Our goal is to partner with every customer, regardless of size, creating a data center environment that promotes the success and reliability of their IT infrastructure. Whether it's a small in-house data center to a complete fully managed data center, Vootwerk has created a network of dedicated professionals in implementing and managing your data center project. Recent trends have further amplified the emphasis on data center uptime and cost savings, creating a greater need for performance, density and manageability than ever before. We exceed our clients' IT service requirements because of our in depth understanding of a client's business model, and we are able to integrate our service solutions to solve our clients' IT issues. We can seamlessly work together to meet all these needs.
DC Imperative

Organizations' Challenges:

  • Inadequate time, in-house skill sets or access to the required resources for provisioning
  • Low utilization of IT infrastructure in data centers
  • Inadequate IT infrastructure footprint in data centers with higher consumption of power, space, cooling, and security aspects
  • Complex IT Infrastructure management
  • Large expenditure on fixes, without any real plan or design, which ultimately leads to unnecessary and ongoing expenses
  • Inadequate of understanding the latest technologies and how to apply them to their businesses' needs

What We Provide

Our comprehensive solutions enable organizations to establish a flexible and scalable infrastructure without compromising on cost benefits. We optimize their resources and assist them to make informed decisions to achieve efficient data center managements. Vootwerk solutions can also help organizations with the ability to manage all physical data center assets effectively.

Our Solutions Can:

  • Visually monitor all data centers through a single unified process
  • Provide insight information of actual resource load
  • Extend data center lifespan by effectively using the correct size of physical infrastructure
  • Maintain a single trusted source of information for entire data center within business service
  • Automate and standardize data center processes to deliver high quality service