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Data Center Management

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In order to meet the needs of today's complex, ever-changing data center environment and exponentially increasing business challenges, organizations require a robust highly dependable and yet adaptive scalable data center support. All data centers whether in-house or hosted have similar needs regardless the size of the businesses that is to provide secure and uninterrupted availability to computing, storage, networking and communications resources.
DC Management

Imperatives of Data Center Infrastructure Management

Vootwerk offers comprehensive data center infrastructure service across heterogeneous platforms from consulting and solution design to implementation, monitoring and support. Our solutions optimize and consolidate the data center and its resources, leading to improved service levels and reduced cost of ownership.

Design & Deployment

Without a doubt that investing in a data center is a huge financial decision. We believe that proper data center design is critical in any business, especially in today’s hyper-competitive markets where network downtime can result in huge lost of profits. Vootwerk data center design solution can help to achieve availability objectives, improve performance, and avoid costly problems. Whether the data center operates in a 2,000,000 square feet facility or a small server room, we will create the most cost effective solution that meet the demanding organization’s business needs, adhere to corporate standards, ensure flexibility and scalability.


Relocating data center or server room is a daunting prospect for many organizations. Careful consideration must be planned from the impact of the migration have on the mission critical, highly available systems and infrastructure that are crucial to the day to day operations of your business. The reality is that most enterprise organizations don’t move data center all that often. Vootwerk can help you mitigate the risks and be ready for all of the challenges that a migration or relocation inevitably creates.


For many small and medium sized businesses, server co-location at a data center facility is probably the most cost-effective way of protecting their valuable data and information in a way that keeps it accessible. Since many data center operations activities continue to require human interactions and cannot be automated such provisioning new servers, network and power cabling, etc., organizations must instill strict procedures, discipline and documentation for effective data center operations. Large-scale network infrastructure projects such as data centers and private clouds require a more robust management approach than most small business networks. Our aim is to identify the inter-dependency between components, and in particular, to focus on a system’s infrastructure.


Many organizations depend on their mission critical business services in a daily basis within their data center infrastructure. When a data center suffers a failure of some sort such as application degrades, loss of power, or equipment overheats it causes downtime which can be very costly. Proactively monitoring the health and performance of critical IT assets that make up the business operation enables organizations to not only become immediately aware of problems but to also predict potential issues that may occur in the future. By leveraging our data center monitoring service, we ensure the healthy continuous operation of critical business services and the underlying infrastructure.

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