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Penetration Testing

Protect Your Business & Customer Data

With the advancement of computer technology and our ever increasing reliance on computer systems that secure intellectual property, personal data and financial records, cybercrime is continually increasing. Internal IT personnel often lack the objectivity or possess the specialist skills required to be able to properly review the systems that they build and have control over. We conduct our testing on your network to ascertain if your company and its IT systems are susceptible to external and internal unauthorized infiltration.

In the yearly basis, businesses world wide identified cyber security breaches or attacks. Among those who were able to identify a breach or an attack:

  • 6% Had money assets or intellectual property stolen
  • 9% Lost access to third-party systems they rely on
  • 20% Had software or systems corrupted
  • 23% Had a temporary loss of files

Will Your Business Stand Up to the Test?

Penetration testing is a simulated non-disruptive real-world attack on your IT infrastructure or application that identifies potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a cybercriminal. We generally conducted the test through some combination of design review, code review, and application penetration testing, we can help you understand a system's risk profile. The ultimate goal is to identify vulnerabilities that might pose a risk and determine the business impact of such an exposure. The tests are conducted at your place of business or run remotely from our headquarters.
  • Information Gathering

  • Port Scanning

  • Vulnerability Scan

  • Analysis and Reporting

Our testing evaluates your company’s ability to protect its networks, applications, endpoints and users from external or internal attempts to circumvent its security controls to gain unauthorized or privileged access to protected assets. We focus on four types of penetration testing on your network environment.

  • External Network - Primarily focuses on the external facing network to determine potential security vulnerabilities  in the network design that may allow any individual to perform unauthorized activities.
  • Web Application - Perform a series of test to attempt to discover flaws in the website itself that can be exploited to gain unauthorized access to data or perform unauthorized transactions.
  • Wireless & Internal Network - Execute security tests of standard internal corporate and Wi-Fi networks for network controls, segmentation, separation, VPN, and privilege access management. 
  • Simulated Email Phishing  - A targeted range of tests focused on assessing your business’ susceptibility to email borne security threats.

Penetration testing will help you avoid the cost of downtime should a cyber criminal take the website down or exploit a vulnerability. It should be performed on a regular basis to ensure more consistent IT and network security management.

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