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Hosted VoIP


Connect Your Business and Your Customers With the Latest VoIP Technologies

The traditional PBX business telephone solution is showing its age. In lieu of the Internet and online technologies like the cloud, companies are finding it difficult to justify keeping a traditional phone line for their communications solutions. Considering how difficult it is to scale a traditional PBX phone system to accommodate for growth, businesses want a more dynamic solution that’s in line with their current, and future, needs.

With a cloud-hosted VoIP solution, your business can finally cut expensive telephone services out of your budget and replace them with flexible solutions designed to address your company’s communications needs. We take into consideration whether you have single or multiple offices, the degree to which you rely on inbound or outbound calling, the importance of mobile working and your preference for cloud-hosted VoIP solution.

lower cost of ownership
approximate savings off monthly service
businesses using IP telephony
tablet & smartphone with VoIP apps

What are the Benefits of a Cloud-hosted VoIP

  • Leading edge phone system without the associated capital cost
  • Pay as you grow
  • Reduce Call Costs
  • Instant Communication and Collaboration
  • Seamless teleworker connectivity
  • Call logging and monitoring
  • Network decentralization
  • Easy to relocate

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