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Email Security

Use Our Fully Managed Email Security

In today’s hyper-connected world, email is the foundation of every organization’s collaboration, and productivity. It is critical that organizations take measures to secure their email accounts against common attacks as well as attempts at unauthorized access to accounts or communications. As the frequency of email attacks continues to increase, organizations need email security service that intercepts spam, viruses, spoof and phishing emails before they can ever reach inbox or servers.

We offer a full-scale email security solution. Our easily integrated solution could be the difference between a seemingly benign transmission of information and a debacle that could put your business at risk. The solution gather statistics, apply heuristics and other problem solving approaches, monitor IP addresses and email signatures, and use rules for advanced sorting and filtering. As additional protection, our email security solution provides optional email encryption.


Targeted spear phishing attacks


Employees clicked a link from unknown sender


Share passwords over email


Lost access to data over 5 days or more

Email security features and benefits:

  • No hardware or software installation - our email security solution is a cloud-hosted with real time protection. 
  • Methodical Algorithms - it analyzes of more than 134 variables that are scanned from every email messages.
  • Outbound Filtering - filters and controls content in outbound messages.
  • Reduced Bandwidth - you free up bandwidth on your servers that is used to send and receive messages and utilize server processes to examine each message.
  • Block Advanced Threats - a cloud-based service that defends against ransomware and other malware, including zero-day attacks and advanced threats.
  • Open Relay Blacklist - it blocks email messages from millions of server hosts that have been identified as distributors of malicious spam email messages. This includes servers that have been known to be hacked, infected with Trojans and other malware and viruses, or hijacked by unauthorized persons.
  • Comprehensive Reporting - the report tools allow you to customize reports to view specific network activity and view flow charts and graphs that help to identify trends. It also helps you to stay on top of daily email and user activity.
  • Automatic Updates - the upgrades as part of your monthly subscription. This includes real-time updates of the latest threats in addition to new application upgrades.

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