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Broadband Service


Secure, High Performance Internet Access

At Vootwerk we are dedicated to partnering with the best suppliers of business broadband solutions, to ensure that our customers get the most business efficient solutions available to them. Whether you need a simple ADSL line or a full MPLS linking multiple offices into a single network we can help you.

Our mission is to give you peace of mind that your business won’t suffer from any unnecessary downtime because of unnecessary problems with your company’s broadband system. We prioritize our solutions based on your needs. Our wide range of business broadband providers help you gain a competitive advantage online to deliver a reliable customer service at speed, that won’t hurt your bottom line.

How Fiber Internet Can Benefit Your Business

  • Secure and private high-speed bandwidth
  • Create secure and private networks between your connected sites
  • Flexible options and high-end support
  • Ability to prioriatize different types of traffic
  • Uninterrupted access to adopt 5G
  • Dedicated, uncongested access
  • Faster access to your data and applications stored in the cloud
  • Significant reliability advantages over copper Internet

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